The heart of VTOL OS is flight control to make VTOL UAVs takeoff and land vertically, transition, and fly efficiently on wings. Fully autonomous.

VTOL OS provides control support for classical STL transitions, tilt controls, vector thrust, control surfaces in slip stream, swashplates and more.


The mission capabilities from VTOL OS provide fully autonomous waypoint flying with position or distance based payload triggers, precision landing with abort strategies, remote landing in unknown terrain and predefined emergency paths for risk mitigation in failure cases.


Failsafes on every level:

1) Redundant sensors with automatic failover for GPS, airspeed and IMUs

2) Estimation checks for early detection of bad sensor data

3) Smart flight control features to detect unsafe flight conditions and fallback actions


The VTOL OS Copilot (companion computer) enables the integration of additional sensors, operates as communication bridge and enables customer applications.

We're using the Balena platform to provide container management based on Docker and remote configuration and update capabilities. Customers can deploy their own containerised applications on the VTOL OS Copilot.

Application Integration

Through the MAVLink protocol any VTOL OS powered drone can be integrated into your application. The VTOL OS API allows to control and track the UAV through your application container, your ground control station and your cloud backend for traffic and fleet management.

Tested Avionics Package

You don’t want to spend days finding the right electronics that go with VTOL OS? Get the full package from us to get started. We provide a standard electronics set that includes everything you need for a basic configuration:

  • Autopilot
  • RTK capable GPS and external magnetometers
  • Pitot static system
  • Avionics power supply
  • Copilot

Optionally for VTOL OS we provide advanced add-ons for specific applications:

  • Trimble RTX single and dual antenna GNSS
  • SUIND vision based obstacle avoidance
  • Dual radar terrain following setup
  • MAGPIE vision system for GPS denied navigation and landing spot detection

Magpie Vision System

Meet Magpie – the new AI-powered vision-based guidance system enhancing VTOL OS. Soon all VTOL OS users will have access to Magpie and its unrivalled features, including: constant landing guidance (without pre-planning the landing waypoints) and GPS-independent navigation. Sustain GPS outage and land safely in any environment!​

Simulation Integration

VTOL OS is fully integrated with the SIMNET drone design and simulation environment, providing you tools to accelerate development as well as a web-based simulator for drone operators, powered by VTOL OS.

Accelerate Development

Building unique and complex airframes is a challenge on every level. With SIMNET and VTOL OS we can accelerate your drone development by providing an integrated drone design, analysis and simulation workflow based on high-fidelity physics simulation, coupled with Software-In-The-Loop (SITL) simulation of VTOL OS flight control system.

You will save over 50% of development time and cost in the first prototyping phase.

Train Operators

SIMNET is the state of the art cloud based simulation option running VTOL OS in the background!

Need to go over the operating basics with your pilots or your customers before using the real drone? No problem! Open SIMNET in your browser, load your drone model, connect the GCS and fly.

Does your software team need a system to test against? No need to setup and maintain a local sim system, just start SIMNET in your browser and connect the VTOL OS API over the internet.

Obstacle Avoidance for Crop Applications

VTOL OS is the foundation for AirRails Agri, a spraying and seeding solution with advanced terrain following and obstacle avoidance. Together with SUIND we developed an integrated vision and radar based system that can climb and descent up to 50% steep terrain, automatically fly around obstacles and enhance GPS precision to land exactly where it took off even in difficult areas.

For more information and dedicated contact option go to uaventure.com/agriculture

Try VTOL OS Today

Sign up for free to get access to the full specs of VTOL OS and order your autopilot package for testing today. With your account you get free time on our partners simulation platform to try out VTOL OS with our AirRails GCS for surveillance, mapping and crop application.

If you like to get in touch with us about a specific project directly feel free to use the contact form.